The famous Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon has collected over 300 works just 20 minutes outside of Brussels, in the farmstead of the fascinating and characteristic castle of La Hulpe, in the middle of the beautiful Tournay-Solvay Park, home to more than 40 of his creations.

Watercolours, etchings, posters and sculptures are presented in an original, lively ambience, creating a dialogue between the works of art and the poetic location hosting them. Music, film footage and optical effects animate the itinerary. The result is a powerful, magical and surprising exhibition.

Nome Museo Fondation Folon
Luogo La Hulpe (Belgio)
Legame con il territorio

Inaugurata nel 2000, la collezione di opere della Fondazione comprende sculture in marmo realizzate da Jean-Michel Folon a Pietrasanta ed esposte in occasione delle numerose mostre personali a cui ha preso parte e non precedentemente allestite nell'area apuo-versiliese e lucchese

Indirizzo / contatti

Fondation Folon
Ferme du Château de La Hulpe
Drève de la Ramée 6A
1310, La Hulpe, Belgio

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