MuSA inform | Extraordinary opening August, 15

Tuesday, 15 August extraordinary opening.
We will be open from 18:00 to 23:00
Free admission!

Matter, Art and Narration
MuSA is waiting for you to experience a unique experience through contemporary and contemporary images, stories and movies that are testimonies of versilian history and tradition.

The physical collection “Capitani Coraggiosi” is part of the Project museum diffused by the Municipality of Pietrasanta to enhance the best of the plasters of the Museum of sketches not visible to the public. A selection of sketches, accompanied by an explanatory film, the great Masters sculptors, Bozzano, Zilocchi, Bibolotti, Calandra, Rubino, Jacopi, Luciano, Arrighini, Parma e Tommasi, which, between the late nineteenth and early decades of the twentieth century, opened the modern season of the artistic and artisan workmanship of marble. Maquettes tell the world of sculpture at this time: the formation and teaching in the School of Fine Arts, sculptural production linked to sacred, funerary, celebratory art, and the invention of new tools and the importance of the Maquette for the realization of sculpture.

To complete the exhibition the virtual collection, a projection on seven of the great screens of the muse of the documentary “The Voice of Marble”, an articulated project based on iconographic research, literary sources, historical visual documents of the Institute Luce and of Teche Rai and correlated with the prestigious image loans of the Scala archives of Florence, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and other prestigious Italian museum institutes that illustrate in an integrated way , articulated and evocative the history of excavation and processing of marble in the basin Apuoversiliese from Michelangelo to today.

It will also be an opportunity to navigate the contents of the Muse thanks to the touch screen stations located in the room: virtual tours inside the marble quarries, art readings thanks to the virtual library and multimedia content about artists, artisans and companies that have made great the name of Pietrasanta in the world.


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