You can visit MuSA all year long, except on official holidays. Visits are tailored to individuals or groups, tourists and visitors and to schools – for which a specific programme exist that stems from the collaboration between MuSA, the Municipality of Pietrasanta and the Museo dei Bozzetti.

MuSA for schools

MuSA, present since 2017 in the programme “Pietrasanta: una città ….AD ARTE”, proposes different activities directed at schools:

– guided tour that entails an introduction on the history of MuSA, the viewing of “La voce del marmo” – the documentary in multi-projection that tells the story of marble from Michelangelo to our days in a surprisingly suggestive way thanks to the MuSA’s A/V technology, the use of touch screens with the possibility – among others – to take virtual tours of the quarries and of the city of Pietrasanta, and “Capitani Coraggiosi” – the collection curated by the Museo dei Bozzetti, that features works by artists who have lived, created and innovated – each in their own field – between the 19th and 20th centuries. Duration: about 1 hour, cost € 50.00 per class (max number 25 students)

– the guided tour together with a learning lab to choose from based on the class. Duration: about 3 hours; cost € 120.00 per class (max 25 students)

the tour “Dal Bozzetto alla scultura e ritorno” (From the maquette to the sculpture and back) that entails a guided tour of the Museo dei Bozzetti museum and of the MuSA and a laboratory where students can create their own maquette. Duration: about 3 hours; cost € 125.00 per class (max 25 students). For the schools of the Municipality of Pietrasanta, the cost is € 85,00.

The activities are directed at 4th and 5th grade elementary students and to first-level and second-level secondary schools.

Below is the complete list of learning activities of all the civic museums in Pietrasanta, the Biblioteca Comunale library and the MuSA. Download the brochure.

For further information and reservations, write to: or phone +39 0584 795500.

Guided tours for tourists, groups, families

Anyone who is interested can book a guided tour to discover the permanent collection comprised of the multiple-projection documentary “La voce del marmo” (The voice of marble), that, thanks to A/V technology available at MuSA, recounts the history of marble from Michelangelo to our day in a surprising and suggestive way. Following a brief introduction to the history of the MuSA, the tour will also allow the visitor to discover the collection of maquettes entitled “Capitani coraggiosi”, curated directly by the Museo dei Bozzetti of Pietrasanta, featuring works by artists who have lived, created and innovated, each in their own field, between the 19th and 20 centuries.

For further information and reservations, write to: or phone +39 0584 791475.