Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects was founded in 1986 in Aarhus, Denmark by Morten Schmidt, Bjane Hammer and John F. Lassen. The practice is one of the most famous in Scandinavia and has won many awards for its innovative, sustainable design. It has offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, London, Shanghai and Singapore. Over the years, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects has gained international recognition for its design of projects that interact with the urban landscape and its practice of using natural light as an integral part of its designs. All of the firm’s projects are united by a democratic approach to architecture, which results in modern, open, multifunctional spaces that are integrated with their social context.

In Scandinavia, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects is famous for projects like the ‘Black Diamond’ extension of the Royal Library in Copenhagen, the ARoS – Aarhus Museum of Art and the Cultural Center of Greenland in Nuuk. Its projects include the Aberdeen Sir Duncan Rice Library in Aberdeen, Scotland, the Paddington Green Campus and the College of Westminster and the Amazon Court in Prague.

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