"If, inevitably, her reference to Maestro Franco Adami is strong, so is her reference to Costantin Brancusi. For Giovanna, too, it is unquestionable to speak of 'stylistic rarefaction and expressive density'”
Mauro Del Corso, national president of the Amici dei Musei association


Giovanna Battaino was born on 6 June 1961 in Blois, France, where she attended the Dessaignes Secondary School. In 1980 she travelled to the United States, Mexico and Guatemala. Upon returning to France, she moved to Paris where she attended courses at the Academy of Fine Arts of Paris. In 1985 she embarked on another breakthrough journey: Africa. She met sculptor Franco Adami in Lomé, Togo, and began working with him. She followed Adami to Pietrasanta and has been his assistant since 1986.
Her most important exhibitions are: in 2003: Osteria dell'Arte Gallery in Camaiore (solo), in 2004: Salon d' Autumne in Paris, in 2005: Europa Gallery in Lido di Camaiore (group).
“Flamenco”, a white Carrara marble statue height 2.70 m. by the artist, has been hosted in the Jardin d'Ecaussines in Marina di Pietrasanta since 2005.

The photographs published in the TimeLine were taken from the website www.destex.ch and www.artnet.ch