"Sculpture is not the enlargement of a sketch, but the materialization of an idea: it is already in the sketch, which helps fix the concept"
Nicolas Bertoux


Nicolas Bertoux started his career in 1971 as a designer in architecture in Paris and then as an architect. He was a founding member of the interior architecture studio "Atelier By" in Paris. Between 1973 and 1989 he worked with his father Jacques, and then he worked in his own sculpture studio in Perigny, France until 1999. 

He is the author of many monumental sculptures, especially related to public art, including: Lagny, France 1977; Prefecture, Chartres, France 1978; European Parliament, Strasbourg 1980; Bordeaux, France 1981; International School, Strasbourg 1984; Les Mureaux, France 1986; Paris 1988, 1990, 1992; Palace of Music and Congresses, Strasbourg 1989; Ronchamp, France 1991; Saint Witz, France 1991; National Museum of Science, Taichung, Taiwan 1993; Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 1995; Ministry for Transport, Taipei, Taiwan 1997; Cultural Centre, Hsin Chu, Taiwan 1998; International Sculpture Park, Farum, Denmark 1999; Sculpture Park, Icheon, South Korea 2002; Parco Sculture del Chianti, Pievasciata, Siena 2003; Di Bao Company, Taipei, Taiwan 2004; Olympic Sculpture Park, Beijing, China 2008.

In addition to participating at a number of symposiums in Europe and Korea, he has taken part in several shows, including: "Artistes à la Bastille" 1989, 1990, Paris; Salon Marcel Pouvreau 1989-1995, Dammarie, France; Salon du luminaire 1991, Paris; "Novator" 1991, Troyes, France; Keller Gallery 1991, Paris; Salon d'Automne 1992, Thorigny, France; Colorfield Gallery 1995, Taipei, Taiwan; Kwai Galleries 1996, Hong Kong; Ravenel Gallery 2001, Taipei, Taiwan; Botanical Garden 2003, Leicester University, England. He has participated in numerous competitions, winning many awards. 

He started visiting Versilia in 1973 and finally settled there in 1995. He opened Studio ARTCO in 1998 and Fondazione ARKAD in 2002 in Seravezza, together with Cynthia Sah. He is a founding member of the Associazione ASART in 2000 in Pietrasanta. Working for Studio Artco, he has received many commissions in China (Xiamen, Hong Kong, Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Macau) and in Taiwan (Taipei, Shi-Ding and Kaohsiung). He has created his works at the Henraux, Imeg, Sicea Raffo Marmi, Studio Sem & Scultori Associati, Scultur Kamin, Francioni Marble & Stone and Studio Artco laboratories. He has taken part in several exhibitions in Versilia, such as: "Premio Gioia Lazzerini" 1994, L. Russo Cultural Centre, Pietrasanta; the Associazione Asart events and the organization of: "50%: 100 Artisti in cantina" 2002, Fondazione Arkad, Seravezza; "Marmo e bambù" 2002, Pietrasanta; "Imbarco per Taiwan" 2003, Fondazione Arkad, Seravezza; "Enoliarte" 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, Fondazione Arkad, Seravezza; "Lo scarto come materia" 2004, Fondazione Arkad, Seravezza; "Città di carta" 2004, Piazza Anfiteatro, Lucca.

The pictures published in the TimeLine were taken from the Artist’s website www.nicolasbertoux.it