After attending the Fine Arts School in 1960 and the A.R.T.E.C. Academy in 1962 in Lyon, in 1963 he learned the art of stone sculpting from the sculptor Salendre. He created his first monumental work in Lyon for the Grand Dome of the Hotel Dieu. In 1967 he started teaching and held sculpture classes at the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture and then for the same school at Carpentras in 1970-1972; later he also taught at the Fine Arts School of Avignon. 

He created many sculptures with sculptor Francois Stahli – who he worked with from 1971 – including the sculpture for the Rockfeller Foundation of Albani. He exhibited his works for the first time in 1969 at the "Salon du Sud Est" in Lyon. Among his most significant exhibitions, of note are: "Sculptures dans la Ville" 1972, Venissieux; Salon de Mai 1972, 1974, Paris; Salon de la Jeune Sculpture 1974, Espace Cardin, Paris. In 1975 he held a solo exhibition at the Jean Charles Lignel Gallery in Paris. 

He has devoted himself mainly to the design and creation of sculptures for the urban spaces of several French cities. He began visiting the Versilia area in the Eighties for the execution of a number of works at Henraux and Studio Sem. He has also participated in the following group exhibitions: "Sculture della Versilia" 1974, Versilia and "Il passato e la presenza" 1982, 1983, Centro Culturale Luigi Russo, Pietrasanta.

The photographs published in the TimeLine were taken from the Artist's website www.boyer.verse.free.fr