"I have been coming to Pietrasanta for 12 years: laboratories and foundries have taught me much more than courses and studies in my country"
Hakon Anton Fageras


Hakon Anton Fageras was born in 1975 in Oslo, where he studied at the National Academy of Fine Art. After a period of apprenticeship with the artist Jan V. Sæther and a summer workshop in Florence in 1997, he arrived in Pietrasanta where he worked, again as an apprentice, at Marco Giannoni’s laboratory and also at the Fonderia del Chiaro.
He has held many solo and group exhibitions in Europe, including in Italy participation in the VII Mostra d´Arte Contemporanea at Palazzo Ducale, Massa in 2009 and exhibition of the Amundsen Memorial in the square of the Duomo of Pietrasanta in 2011, which celebrated the arrival of the Norwegian explorer and his team at the South Pole in 1911.
Among the public commissions received, worthy of mention is the marble bust of Ibsen situated in Parco Ibsen, Sorrento.

The pictures published in the TimeLine were taken from www.delchiaro.com and from the artist’s website www.fageras.com