“In order to give ‘life’ to my pieces I try to make them become part of the environment in which they are located, creating the necessary space so that they can ‘breathe’ and be enjoyed as something that ‘inhabits’ the place where it is set in a natural way” 
Mariko Isozaki


Japanese artist born in Tokyo in 1964, she attended the art school in Musashino, city that forms a conurbation with Tokyo, graduating in ceramic and design in 1990. She pursued further studies in Italy, specialising in 1992 at “Istituto Statale d'Arte per la Ceramica Gaetano Ballardini” in Faenza. In 1994 she held her first solo show, in Japan, at Gallery Ma in Tokyo. In the first ten years of activity she exhibited above all in Japan: in 1995 in Tokyo at Gallery Isogaya, the following year at Gallery Ma and at Gallery Tao. In 1998 she exhibited at Inax Gallery and in 1998 again at Gallery Tao and at Gallery Meguro in the prefecture of Mie. In 1999 she was hosted at Sogetsu Art Museum in Tokyo. In 2001 she went on exhibition at Gallery Jin, in 2004 at Plus Minus Gallery and in 2005 once again at Gallery Tao. In 2006 she held her first Italian solo show in Trento at Galleria Fogolino; one year later she was at Naviglio Modern Art Gallery in Milan and at Cardazzo Contemporaneo, ArtVerona.

In 2008 she returned to Japan to exhibit in Osaka at Gallery Amano and in Tokyo at Gallery Tao; in 2009 and 2011 at Shinjuku Takashimaya Art Gallery in Tokyo. The first of a long list of group exhibitions was in 1998 when she participated in “The 5th International Ceramic Competition” in Gifu, Japan, and the following year in the 51st edition of “Festival Internazionale della Ceramica” in Faenza and again in Italy in “ASIART – Asian Contemporary Art”, in the “Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea” in Genoa, and “Abitare il Tempo” in Verona. In 2001 she took part in “Bianco e nero”, at ‘Galleria Fatto ad Arte’ in Monza, in “Art Rotterdam” in the Dutch city and in “Duo Exhibition” at Galerie De Vierde Dimensie in Nijmegen, still in the Netherlands. She was then at “New Movements in Craft – Respective Forms” in the first and second edition with Takashimaya Gallery in 2002 and 2004. In 2008 she participated in the 6th edition of Donna Scultura in Pietrasanta, at Chiesa di Sant’Agostino; in the same year she went on exhibition at Gallery Satsu in Tokyo for “Crystal Sweets”, at the Osaka Contemporary Art Center for “Gallerism 2008” and at ArtVerona.

“Incoerenza” was held one year later at Galleria Cardazzo Contemporaneo Naviglio Modern Art, “The Power of Decoration – A View point on Contemporary Studio Craft” at The National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo, “Artistic Christmas Vol. 3” at Shinjuku Takashimaya Art Gallery and at The National Art Center in Tokyo “DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow 2009”. In 2010 her last works: “CARTA al T – prove d’autore” in Cagliari and Milan, “The 11th KAJIMA SCULPTURE COMPETITION” at the Kajima KI Building in Tokyo, she participated in “Kunstart 10”, “Fiera Internazionale d’arte” in Bolzano, in “Food Design”, Vicenza, in Taiwan Ceramics Biennale and in “MIYABI” at Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara and Museo Crocetti in Rome. Her pieces can be found in public and private permanent collections, such as Museo dei Bozzetti in Pietrasanta, Museo della Ceramica in Faenza, but also with Japanese institutes and collectors. She permanently lived and worked in Versilia until 2013, when she suddenly died, at the age of 49, during a stay in Japan.

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