“The surface of the allegorical floats pulsates with their spectacular and poetic technical array, in a constantly updated creation”
Gilbert Lebigre


Gilbert, who is of French descent, has lived in Italy since the 1980s and has carried out intense and eclectic artistic work alongside Corinne Roger since 1978, creating and producing sculptures, set designs, installations and furnishings now under the name “La società dell’arte”.

Among their creations, the most noteworthy are the various set designs produced mainly for the director Jean Louis Martinoty, such as: grotto sculpture 14m. with a waterfall inside 1984, the villa of sheikh Mohammed Al-Mojil; “King Kong” and “Pin-up” 1986, Cendrillon by Nureyev, Opera, Parigi; clock and mechanical sculptures 1986, L’Heure Espagnole by Maurice Ravel, Opera Comique, Paris; sculptures and elements of the set design, “Alceste” by Jean Baptiste Lully, Palace of Versailles 1992; celebration sculptures, Monfalcone, 1992, 1994; fifty portraits (h. 5 m.), “Memorial for  Louis Aragon”, Theatre of  the Champs Elysees 1993; seven musical light sculptures (h. 3,5 m.), “Les Friches” by Armand Gatti, Marseilles 1993; sculpture of a dragon in iron and copper, in movement, with fireworks 1993, set design for the first act 1994 e “Palace of the gods” 1995, “The Rhine Gold” by Richard Wagner, Staatstheater, Karlsruhe; “Train pour Cuba” 1995, mobile theatre with puppets; two moving hands (h. 5 m.) 1996, Amadis by Handel, Staatstheater, Karlsruhe; ” Venus de Milo” (h. 8 m.), “Argia” di P. A. Cesti, Festival der Alten Musik, Innsbruck 1996; animated organ (h. 9 m.) 2000, cruise ship MS Zaandam; head of the Egyptian Queen Tiye (h. 3 m.) 2000, Metropolitan Museum, New York; stage machinery, musical Le Petit Prince, Paris and Montreal 2003; head with two faces (h. 6 m.) 2008, musical Cléopâtre, Paris; elements of the set design for “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Opera National de Nancy, 2008.

In 1991 they opened l’Atelier d’Art Monumental Ephémère in Marseille, funded by the Ministry for Culture and by the city, for the development of ephemeral art and events. Corinne and Gilbert set up a studio of  Set Design Decorations in Pietrasanta which later moved to Capezzano Pianore. They also made use of the Laboratori Franco Cervietti e Scultori Associati in Pietrasanta on occasions. In Versilia they took part in the exhibitions “Di borgo in borgo” 1997, Camaiore and “Studi Aperti” 2000, Pietrasanta. They have produced numerous creations for the masquerades and floats during the Carnevale di Viareggio 1978-1988, 1999, 2004-2009 in which they won the I Premio Carri di I Categoria in 1988 and in 2004 and the Premio CarnivalSatira in 2009.

He died in the night between June 30 and July 1, just after the delivery of  the sketches for the next Carnival of Viareggio.

 The pictures published in the TimeLine were taken from the website www.lasocietadellarte.com