“His works seem to become animated, to live a life of their own, even a painful existence perhaps, in a body of terracotta, marble, bronze or other material…"
Domenico Lombardi, Mayor of Pietrasanta


Born in Viareggio in 1970. Art certainly runs in Libero Maggini’s family, as his father was a sculptor and his mother a ceramist. He began drawing cartoons as a child, graduated from the Liceo Artistico secondary art school in Lucca and then moved to London for a year to study English. Once back in Viareggio, he worked with his father in preparing settings for the Festival Pucciniano, maturing early on that passion for sculpture that will lead him to attend the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara. 

In 2008 the Fondazione Carnevale (Carnival  Foundation) commissioned him to create a work in bronze for the city of Viareggio and so "Maggio" is born, an unusual group of five sculptures, installed on one end of the western port, marking the beginning of a new artistic journey that sees Libero working in some laboratories in Pietrasanta, signing several original works in bronze, terracotta and marble to later delve into the mysterious world of graffiti. In 2013 the artist arrives in Pietrasanta with “Incanto ruvido”, his solo exhibition held in Sala delle Grasce, where he presented the latest results of his research in the field of art.

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