"Julia Vance’s sculpture transforms traditional calligraphy into block sand forms more familiar to Jean Arp and Isamu Noguchi"
John B. Hightower, Former Director, Museum of Modern Art, New York City


Julia Vance was born in 1968 in Hamburg, Germany. Between 1984 and 1987 she studied Aesthetics at Fagerborg College in Oslo, Norway. Between 1988 and 1991 she studied Graphic Design at the Sogn Craft School and later at the School of Graphic Design (SFGD). In 1991 she moved to England, where she specialised in Calligraphy at the Roehampton Institute of Higher Education. She became passionate about calligraphy, exploring new forms of expression sculpting letters and words in marble and granite, dividing her time between Pietrasanta and Oslo.

She has participated in group and solo shows in various countries, including Norway, England, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. She is a member of the Norwegian Sculpture Organisation, the Royal British Society of Sculptors and the Norwegian Society for Calligraphy (SKRIFT). Her work can be found in many private collections, including the John Hightower Collection, Mosebekk Tegne- og Maleskole and Rudolf Steiner Høyskolen. In 2005, she won a grant from the Norwegian government and since 2006 has worked at Studio Sem in Pietrasanta.

The photographs published in the TimeLine were taken from the websites:
www.studio-sem.com, www.juliavance.no, www.museodeibozzetti.it