"I think an artist must be a master of his craft, he must know it so well, he must not have to worry about the craft side of his work, and is free to express his sensations, ideas or emotions"
Caroline Van Der Merwe


She undertook her studies in South Africa at the Michaelis School of Art of the University of Cape Town, with professors Lippy Lipshitz, Bill Davis and Richard Wake. After completing her studies, she began teaching sculpture at Cape Town Art Center and held special classes for the blind at the Touch Gallery.

She displayed her works for the first time in 1969, participating in the group exhibition ‘National Quinquennial Exhibition of South Africa’ of the South African Association of Arts, travelling around different towns all over the country. Since 1973, she has exhibited her work in many solo shows, including: South African Association of Arts, Cape Town 1973; South African Association of Arts, Gallery 66, Worcester, 1974; The Bellville Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa 1974; South African Association of Arts, Durban 1981; Lidchi Art Gallery, Johannesburg 1982; Gallery Ouroborous, Berlin 1984, 1987, Gallery International, Cape Town 1977, 1985; Kunstkreis, Germaring, Germany 1986; Ropers Kunsthandel, Bonn, Germany 1987; University of Pretoria, South Africa 1987; Everade Read Gallery, Johannesbourg 1987; Ken's Art Gallery, Florence 1988; Studio San Gerolamo, Millesimo 1988; Bottega d'Arte, Voghera, 1989; Galerie Dieburg, Veste Otzberg, Germany 1990; Galerie Theresienstein, Hof, Germany 1991; Galleria Artespaziodieci, Bologna 1991; Ken's Art Gallery, Sigismund Kapelle, Regensburg, Germany 1991; Bahnhof Grossibiberau, Germany 1992, 1994; Galerie Aurelia P. Merbeck, Germany 1992; RAU University, Johannesburg 1993; Galerie Quid Novi, Heidelberg, Germany 1994; Sasol Art Museum, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa 1995; Galerie Hofgut, Stadt Verwaltung, Reinheim, Germany 1998; Art Gallery Le Lac, Lugano, Switzerland 2000; Kulturzentrum, Hofgut, Reinheim, Germany 2003; Koetter Gallery, Cape Town 2004; Wiese Home, Cape Town 2004; Galleria d'Arte Frosecchi, Florence 2006, 2007; Mostra di Scultura ed altre opere, Villa Castello Smilea, Pistoia 2009–2010.

Among her solo exhibitions: Art South Africa Today, Durban 1969; South African Association of Arts, Worcester 1970; Potchefstroom University, South Africa 1972; New Cape Art, South African Association of Art, Cape Town 1972; Art South Africa Today, Cape Town 1973; Cape Festival Arts, South African Association of Arts, Cape Town 1975; Eight Artists, Gallery International, Cape Town 1975; South African Association of Arts, W. Cape in N. Transvaal 1975; Cape Town Festival Art, South African Association of Arts 1977; 20th Century Sculpture, Collections of the Friends of the National Gallery, South Africa 1977; Group Exhibition Nudes, S. A. Association of Arts, Worcester, South Africa 1978; New Cape Art, Gallery 21, Johannesburg 1978; 15 Cape Artists, Waterkant Gallery, Cape Town 1978; Cape Town Biennale, South African National Gallery 1979; Museum Art Group, Kimberley Museum, South Africa 1979; S. A. Gallery, Cape Town 1980–1982, 1985; Artists for Art, South African Association of Arts, Cape Town 1980; Sculture in the Making, South African National Gallery, Touch Gallery, Cape Town 1980, 1982; Hugo Naude Huis, Worcester, Cape 1981; Drawings by Seven Artists, Gowlett Gallery, Cape Town 1982; Man Depicted, Bellville Arts Association Exhibition 1982; Drawing Today, South African Association of Arts, Cape Town 1982; Srydom &Jordaan Gallery 14th Annual Exhibition, Georgia 1982-1983; Royal Academy of Arts, London 1982; Mostra Internazionale di Piccola Scultura, Castellanza, Milan 1984, 1989; Biennale Dantesca, Ravenna 1984, 1988, 1990; Rand Afrikans University, Johannesburg 1985; International Sculpture Symposium, Kaiserslautern, Germany 1987; L'Arte a San Zeno, Pisa 1987; Sculture d'Oltre Frontiera, Centro Ponte Gabelle, Milan 1988; First International Exhibition of Small Sculpture, Municipality of Legnano 1991; Nature en Sculptuur XXII, Kunsstzaal Hogehees Eersel, The Netherlands 1993; Legnano 1999; Natuur en Sculptuur XXII, Kunsstzaal Hogehees Eersel, The Netherlands 1993; Arte 96 Padua, VII Mostra Mercato d'Arte Contemporanea, Padua 1996; Art Est, Mostra Mercato d'Arte Contemporanea, Fiera di Udine 1996; Art 97, Fiera d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Milan 1997; Art Fair, Geneva 1997; Fiera Venezia 1999; Galleria Zammarchi, Milan 1999; Pavia Artertexpo, Pavia 1999; Nice Fair, France 1999; Gegenuber Dem Rimmel Preunschen, Germany 1999; Art Gallery la Strenna d'Autore, Lugano, Switzerland 1999–2000; "Woman of all Seasons", The Harbourside, Hong Kong 2004; Italy Qualità + Life Style, Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong 2004; Creatività Donna 2006, Sogno di una notte di mezza estate 2006, Mini strenna d'Autore 2006, Donna 2008, Figure, Fiori, Frutta 2008, Galleria d'Arte Frosecchi, Florence; Arte a Natale, Sala Prove Stazione Leopolda, Pisa 2007–2008; II Mostra Mercato d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Fortezza da Basso, Florence 2007; IX Mostra Mercato Immagina Arte in Fiera, Reggio Emilia 2007.

She has received various public commissions, standing out among which are: "Monument to the Fallen", Belville, Cape Town 1981; "Crucifix", Chapel, George, South Africa 1983; "Crucifix", Church, Kaiserslautern, Germany 1987; two "fountains", Johannesburg; "Portrait of the Wiese Family", Cape Town 2003; Princess, private garden, Herford, Germany 2005. Her primary awards include: "First Prize" for life drawing, Cape Town Art Center 1971; "Second Prize", "Founders Monument Competition", Cape Town; "Silver Medal", University of Pretoria, South Africa 1987; "First Prize for Sculpture", A.T.I.C.A (Arte Turismo Industria Commercio Agricoltura) Europremio, Pavia 1999. Her work can be found in many public collections in South Africa, including: Iziko South African National Gallery; Pietersburg Art Gallery; Pretoria Art Gallery; University of Pretoria; The Sanlam Collection, Belville; Sasol Art Museum, Stellenbosch and the University of the Western Cape as well as the "Vito Mele" museum, basilica of Santa Maria di Leuca, Lecce and many private collections in: Germany, Italy, Israel, the United States, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Finland, France and Hong Kong.

In 1976 she went for the first time to Carrara and sojourned there on several occasions, until she settled in Pietrasanta in 1983. In the Apuan-Versilia area, where she also works at the Laboratori A.M.A., Mario Pedrini, Giorgio Angeli, F.lli Cacciatori, Antonio Luchinelli, Silverio Paoli, Medusa Marmi and the Fonderie Del Chiaro, L'Arte and Mariani, she has participated in numerous exhibtions, including: Magazzino del Sale, Viareggio (solo exhbition, 1984); "La Donna Creativa", Centro Culturale L. Russo, Pietrasanta 1984, "Il Monumento Ufficiale", Centro Culturale L. Russo, Pietrasanta 1984; "Creative ed Artiste per l'occasione" 1987, "Il disegno degli scultori" 1988, "Ad Occhi Aperti" 1995, Centro Culturale L. Russo, Pietrasanta; "L'Arte al Femminile", Pietrasanta 1987; "Il Disegno degli scultori", Museo dei Bozzetti, Pietrasanta 1988; Bagno Stella, Le Focette 1989; "Sculture MCMLXXXIX"; "La Scultura, la sua grafica"; "Scultura al femminile", Studio d'Arte La Subbia, Lido di Camaiore 1989–1990; "Premio Int. di Scultura 'Gioia Lazzerini', "Pietrasanta 1994; "Ad Occhi Aperti", Chiostro di Sant'Agostino, Pietrasanta 1995; "Il Dono dei Magi, Scultori della Versilia a Sei Mesi dall'Alluvione", church of Sant'Agostino, Pietrasanta 1996; "Versilart Gallerie in Villa", La Versiliana, Marina di Pietrasanta 1997–1998; Galleria Kontraste, Pietrasanta 1998; "Soqquadro 2002", Centro Culturale "L. Russo", Pietrasanta 2001; "Presenze artistiche ad Azzano", Sede P.A., Azzano 2001; "Asart Show", Pietrasanta 2001, 2002; "Salviamo Il Duomo", Pietrasanta 2002; "50%: 100 artisti in cantina", Fondazione Arkad, Seravezza 2002; "H&Art, 100 Artisti in Ospedale", Pietrasanta 2003; "Stanza di Vita Interiore", Villa Gori, Stiava 2003; Il Malbacco, CCLR, Pietrasanta 2003–2004; "Studi aperti", Versilia 2003; "Donna Scultura", second edition, church of Sant'Agostino, Pietrasanta 2004; "Scolpire e dipingere il dono/Asta a favore di UIDLM", Centro Culturale L. Russo, Pietrasanta 2004; "Etichette d'Autore, Versilia Wine Art", church of S. Agostino, Pietrasanta 2010.