“I draw inspiration from the human condition, from people: if I notice tension or joy between two people, this gives me the inspiration to create something and to tell a story”
Andrew Wielawski


He was born in New York City in 1955. He graduated from Fox Lane High School in Bedford Hills, New York, 1969-1973, and obtained a degree in Fine Arts at Syracuse University in 1977. He exhibited for the first time in 1975 at the McElwain-Falconer Gallery in Chatham, Massachusetts, and in 1976 held his first solo exhibition at the Hiram Halle Library in Pound Ridge, New York. In 1978 he became affiliated with Silvermine Guild in New Canaan, Connecticut, beginning and apprenticeship with sculptor  Bogdan Grom in Englewood, New Jersey. He moved to New York, where he created environments for Bob Stone, Jacques Malignon, Rebecca Blake and other high-fashion photographers. He arrived in Pietrasanta in 1980 and began learning marble techniques at  Laboratorio Blasco Pellacani, later working also with Luciano Garibaldi, and then opening his own studio in Seravezza, where he lives today. In 1985 he received the 1st Prize from the Richter Art Center, Union Carbide Corporation, and later also Boehringer Ingelheim. He is a member of New York’s National Sculpture Society and of the “Fulbright Resource for Sculptural Techniques” Program in Rome.

Among his main exhibitions: Martin Molinary, New York 1984; Hamiltons Gallery, London 1985; Randolph and Hein, San Francisco 1986; Vladimir Kagan, New York 1986; Galerie Adrienne LeBrun, Paris 1986; Museo del Palazzo Gallio, Gravedona 1992; Museo della Carta, Pescia 2000; Minima Gallery, Mykonos, Greece 2002; Europa Center, Patras, Greece 2002; ArtExpo, New York 2002; ArtExpo, San Francisco 2001; Art Fusion Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida 2003; Schacknow Museum of Fine Art, Plantation, Florida 2004; Art Struck Gallery, Blue Ridge, Georgia 2005; “Small Monuments”, Galerie Donkersvoort, Holland 2005; Marco Island Foundation for the Arts, Florida 2006; Hotel Tharroe, Mykonos 2007, 2008; Mastercard, Rome 2007.

In the Apuan-Versilia area, he participated in many exhibitions, among which: Artisti in piazza, Piazza Carducci, Seravezza 1986; “Giovani scultori in Versilia e Opere Prime”, Centro Culturale L. Russo, Pietrasanta 1986; “Omaggio all’Italia”, Marignana, Lucca 1987; “Il disegno degli scultori”, Centro Culturale L. Russo, Pietrasanta 1988; “Internazionale d’arte marmi”, Forte dei Marmi 1990; “Sculture per un progetto urbanistico”, Galleria Art Project, Viareggio 1990; “Women Through the Eyes of Men”, Faruk Discoteca, Marina di Pietrasanta 1990; “Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture-Bronze & Stone”, Centro Culturale L. Russo, Pietrasanta 1995; “L’arte facile-O’Hara, Viktor, Wielawski”, Centro Culturale L. Russo, Pietrasanta 1996; “Documento Arte 2000”, Centro Internazionale di Cultura e Spiritualità Frà Benedetto’, Sillico di Pieve Fosciana, Lucca 2000; Ulisse, Seravezza 2003; “Scolpire e dipingere il dono”, Centro Culturale L. Russo, Pietrasanta 2004; Il Posto, Pietrasanta 2004; Il Bottaccio, Montignoso 2005; Galleria Vera Docci, Forte dei Marmi 2007; Fondazione Arkad, Seravezza 2007.

His works are found in several public and private collections, among which: Museo della Carta, Pescia; Museo del Castello, Gravedona; Schacknow Museum, Plantation, Florida; Gewiss SPA, Bergamo; Mastercard SPA, Rome; Exeter Corp., Dallas Texas; Saratoga Sforza SPA, Milano; Roger Moore, Montecarlo; Cav. Domenico Bosatelli, Bergamo; Sean Penn and Robin Wright, Los Angeles; Andrea Bocelli, Forte dei Marmi.