“I like to leave my works ‘open’ so that the eye of the viewer can complete them with his imagination”
Yemisi Wilson


Yemisi Wilson was born in London and grew up in Stockholm. In 1990 she moved to Florence where she studied first at the “Il Bisonte scuola grafica” and then at the Accademia di Belle Arti. In 1999 she moved to Pietrasanta where she learned the technique of working with marble at Georg Victors studio, in Vaiana. She exhibits her works internationally: at the Galerie Sarghini, Maison Culturelle in Tetoan, Morocco 1998; Konst & Designgalleriet in Stockholm 1998; Galleri Svarta Soffan in Stockholm 2000; Kungsholmens Polishus, Stockholm 2002; “Våra Gårdar”, Stockholm 2003; Galleri Näset, Rådmansö 2006-2007; Rosa Parks Museum, Montgomery, Alabama, USA 2009; Marsvinsholms Skulpturpark 2009; Järnboden i Harg 2010; Galleri Kompass, Stockholm 2010; Global Stone Workshop, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India 2011; Swedish Institute, Villa Borghese, Rome 2011; Skulpturpark Bornholm 2013.

She exhibited in the Apuan-Versilia area on several occasions: “Arte e Arte” at Studio Artistico Bertoni in Pietrasanta 2001; “Torano – Notte e Giorno”, Carrara 2002; “H-art 100”, Pietrasanta 2003; “Torre Malaspina”, Massa 2003; “Concavo e Convesso” at the Centro Culturale L. Russo, Pietrasanta 2004; “Michelangelo e i suoi eredi”, Pietrasanta 2008; “Altissimo 2010-2011”, Cava delle Cervaiole, Pietrasanta 2010; “Cantine Basile”, Pietrasanta 2011-2012; “Artisti e Artigiani”, Pietrasanta 2012; exhibition at Francesco Ponzetta’s shop in Pietrasanta 2012.

Also, in 2004 she was called to create a fountain for the piazza in Fabiano; in 2008 she started working with Studio Sem in Pietrasanta; in 2011 she became part of a group of seven artists called to work in the Querciola quarry, followed by an exhibition entitled “7 Scultori alla Cava Querciola” at the Swedish Institute for Classical Studies in Rome 2012.