“…Eppe’s dreams become a monument, a warning to us contemporaries to be aware of our present for a conscious vision of our fragile and unique future… ”
Eppe De Haan


Eppe De Haan was born in 1949 in Arnehem, Holland. From 1969 until 1974 he studied at the Royal Academy of the Hague.
In 1978 he received the Renswoud award for young painters and began his painting career “searching for what could not be found in two dimensions on a canvas”, a research that later, after his stay in Pietrasanta around the 1990s, would translate into the three-dimensionality of sculpture. The beauty of marble, its intrinsic sensuality, the domination of the tension between control and freedom are central elements of his artistic expression.

In 2016, is host to the MuSA for the summer season with “Resonance”, a work made in 2012.

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