“My sculptures reflect the idea of water, the waves of the sea and the plant world”

Maki Nakamura


The artist arrived in Italy in 1961 and studied sculpture with Pericle Fazzini at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome and completed her studies in 1964. 1968 saw her in Paris at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts which she alternated with visits to Carrara to broaden her knowledge in marble craftsmanship. In 1972 she earned the degree of Master of Fine Arts from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and in 1987, thanks to a scholarship from the Rotary International Foundation, she followed an advanced course in Sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Arts in Baltimore. Her first solo exhibition was in 1977 at the Galleria Schneider in Rome, followed by a number of others: Gallery Universe, Tokyo 1981, 1990; Aaron Gallery, Washington D.C. 1988; Konishi Gallery, Kyoto 1992; Sakura Art Museum, Osaka 1997; Palazzo Cisterna, Turin 2005; Museo, Chigasaki 2005.

She has also participated in numerous collective exhibitions: Galleria Il Punto, Genoa 1979; “1st International Symposium”, Otsuki 1985; “Ken-Ten”, Kanagawa Prefecture (award-winner, 1986); Blue Hill Cultural Center, New York 1986; Towson State University, Baltimore 1988; Town Hall, Odense, Denmark 1991; NIKA, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum (award-winner, 1991; Kaiin Award, 2001, 2004); “Forme nel Verde” 1993, Horti Leonini, San Quirico d’Orcia, Siena; Art Museum Sogetsu, Tokyo 1993; coordinator of the “Water Side International Sculpture Competition”, Azuki 1995; Finter Bank Zürich, Chiasso 1996, 1999; Palazzo Pretorio, Volterra 1997, 1998; Japanese Embassy, Rome 1997; “Il tempo del marmo e quello del bronzo” 1998, Museo del Marmo di Carrara, Willy Brandt Haus in Berlin and Hôtel de Ville in Neuchâtel; Babenhausen Castle, Germany 1999; “Spring NIKA” 2000, Matsuya Tokyo, Chiba e Aomori, Japan and  Alamada City Museum, Portugal; “Emotion” 2002, Gruppo Moretti & Galleria Grazia Neri, Milan; “Spring NIKA” 2003, Ginza Matsuya, Tokyo; Rapolano Terme, Arezzo 2003; Parco del Castello, Agliè, Turin 2004; “Women of all Seasons” 2004, Fondazione ARKAD, Seravezza and Kwai Hun Hin Art Gallery, Hong Kong.

The following awards are among her numerous accolades: official member of the “NIKA” jury, Tokyo 1993; Osaka Public Art Prize, Associazione Industriali 1997; Osaka Amenity Prize 1998; Premio III Millennio, Gruppo Terra Moretti, Brescia 2000; II Premio, 2006. Her principal monuments can be found in various public and private areas such as: Buddhist Temple, Yokohama; Blue Hill Cultural Center, New York; Milan; Nanki; “Tree of life” and park, Azuki; Osaka; New Fujita Building, Osaka; Hotel Bellreef, Kochi; Hotel Albereta, Erbusco, BS; Key Coffee Building, Tokyo.

When she arrived in Versilia in 1968 she began working in Carrara at the Studi Nicoli and the Laboratorio SGF, but she also produced her work in Pietrasanta at the Laboratori Giorgio Angeli, Bottega Versiliese and  Franco Spadaccini. In the area she took part in numerous exhibitions, among which: “Scultori e Artigiani in un centro storico” 1977, Pietrasanta; Galleria L’Grup, Colonnata, Carrara (1990, solo exhibition, 1996); “Torano Notte e Giorno”, Carrara 1999, 2000, 2003, 2005; “DonnaScultura” 2005, 3rd ed., L. Russo Cultural Centre, Pietrasanta; “Le figlie del vasaio” 2005, Parco della Magliana, Marina di Massa.

The photographs published in the TimeLine were taken from the Museo dei Bozzetti website www.museodeibozzetti.it