Founded in 1960, Bacci Marmi is located in Pietrasanta, in the heart of the Tuscan Versilia area. Mastery of the craft, gained through practice in workshops and quarries in very close contact with expert workers, allows the firm to develop special processing techniques that enhance the colors and surfaces of the marble.

In the course of time, the Bacci family has strengthened its experience, combining the ancient skills of masters in marble processing with contemporary style and design, through an unprecedented wealth of materials and manufacturing processes. The process of converting the material takes place in several workshops within the factory itself: different areas where the staff is committed to pursue constant technology innovation and to respond to the evolution in the execution and control systems in all production stages. The selection of stones and marble in the quarries is carried out directly by the company thanks to the competence gained over the years, in order to guarantee the supply of blocks having stable quality and color features.

Activities: Special productions of floorings and claddings, customized decorations, antiqued marble

Materials processed: Marble, granite and stones

Address: Via Pescarella, 24/a
55045 – Loc. Vallecchia – Pietrasanta (LU)

Phone: +39 0584.757030

Fax: +39 0584.758140


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Tipology: Artisanal

Partecipates in: CosMaVe

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