p>Balducci Marmi is located in Camporgiano, in the province of Lucca. The company is leader in the processing of marble, granite and its exclusive natural stone called "Macigno Balducci". Thanks to its over 40 years of experience in the field of quarrying, to its professionalism and to the qualification of its personnel, the company can offer an extremely high quality product as well as special process works requested by the customer. It is also available for the design and production of the best solutions to fully satisfy every need.

Activities: Artistic production of marble and similar grains

Materials processed: Marble, granite, synthetic materials and stones

Address: Via Garibaldi
55034 – Camporgiano (LU)

Phone: +39 0583.618735

Fax: +39 0583.618463

E-mail: info@balduccimarmi.it 

Web site: www.balduccimarmi.it   

Tipology: Artisanal

Partecipates in: n/a

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