The company's quarries are located in the Valle del Cardoso, near the ancient village dating back to the 15th century that bears its name. Here, quarrying – a century-old tradition that has been passed down through the generations – has been transformed from ancient handicraft work to new industrial processing while still safeguarding that taste for the antique. Pursuing the ancient local traditional passed down from their grandfathers and adapting it to the most modern processing demands,  Migliorini & Bertacchi has placed the stone of Cardoso on a broader national and international market, making it renowned for its visual and structural characteristics.

Activities: Quarrying, sawing, commerce, production of marble and similar grains

Materials processed: Marble and Cardoso stone

Address: Via Provinciale, 2
55047 – Seravezza (LU)

Phone: +39 0584.756084

Fax: +39 0584.758007


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Tipology: Industrial

Partecipates in: n/a

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