This company, founded by Mirto Nannini in the 1950s, deals mainly with the restoration and creation of marble inlays in churches but over the years it has also entered the market of home accessories as well as that of marble flooring and tiles, all exclusively custom-made. The highly artistic vein which transpires from the products manufactured has given this small company the opportunity to produce work of great international importance such as the paving for the entrance to Windsor Castle in Great Britain (which had been destroyed in a fire), the inlay work for the railway station in Moscow and for the Royal residence in Marocco, as well as the restoration of parts of the Duomo in Milan.

The company has also carried out work on cruise ships and for private connoisseurs in Europe, Saudi Arabia. Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman and overseas as far as Malaysia.

Activities: Marble inlays

Materials processed: Marble

Addresso: Via Sparta, 50/52
55044 – Marina di Pietrasanta (LU)

Phone: +39 0584.23367

Fax: +39 0584.747200


Web site:

Tipology: Artisanal

Partecipates in: Artigianart

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