The Poli Mosaici studio can boast a long-standing experience and guarantee the artistic skill and sensitivity of craftsmen together with efficient organization and management. The company is specialized in designing and producing mosaics to decorate religious buildings and commercial and residential property, and also offers artistic assistance and full support from the initial idea through the various production phases, including the choice of colours and shapes to scale and full-size, up to the final product and its eventual installation on-site in any part of the world. Carlo Alberto Poli creates mosaics of any size, in an antique, classical or modern style on any surface suitable for decoration. He also makes reproductions of famous paintings, artists’ sketches, any type of model or drawings and does restoration work on mosaics both in Italy and abroad.

Activities: Artistic mosaic work

Materials processed: Marble and stones

Address: Via Martiri di S. Anna, 14
55045 – Pietrasanta (LU)

Phone: +39 0584.72443

Fax: +39 0584.72443


Tipology: Artisanal

Partecipates in: CNA

Galleria Fotografica