Tirrenia Marmi was founded in 1954. It is specialized in the production of slabs and tiles in marble and granite from all over the world. Its production capacity of 20,000 m2 of marble and 17,000 m2 of granite per month is able to meet all requests. It operates on the Italian and main foreign markets where it is highly regarded for the excellent finishing of its products. Its constantly updated facilities feature highly advanced technologies, meeting the market’s increasing demands and enhancing the natural beauty of the marble and granite produced.

Activities: Slab and tile manufacturing

Materials processed: Marble and granite

Address: Via Provinciale Vallecchia, 278
55045 Pietrasanta (LU)

Phone: +39 0584.757088

Fax: +39 0584.757022

E-mail: info@tirreniamarmi.com

Web site: www.tirreniamarmi.com  

Tipology: Industrial

Partecipates in: Assindustria

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