Galleria d'Arte Barbara Paci was born in 2003 in Pietrasanta. The choice of Pietrasanta as the gallery’s headquarters confers it greater visibility and the possibility of establishing contacts with artists, collectors, critiques and art dealers interested in contemporary art coming from the entire world. The gallery began its exhibition activity with an expo of unpublished works by French artist André Derain, and the subsequent year with an exhibition dedicated to Mimmo Paladino entitled “Rabanus Maurus”, consolidating its activities in 2005 through collaboration with the Festival Pucciniano of Torre del Lago.

Galleria d'Arte Barbara Paci Art Gallery has exhibited works by artists:
André Derain, Fernando BoteroNovello FinottiKan YasudaMimmo Paladino

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 45
55045 Pietrasanta, Lucca
+39 0584 792666

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