Galleria d’Arte Enrico Paoli was born in December 1999 in Prato e and in June 2000 opened its second venue in the suggestive art scenario of Pietrasanta. In 2001 it beginan selling and advertising also on the Internet through its own website. Love for art and a taste for beauty have always characterized the qualifying feature of the selection of modern art works present in its two exhibition venues. The gallery proposes a dozen artists, different one from the other for themes treated, painting or sculpture techniques, materials used, etc… In the course of time, Enrico, the founder, has organized exhibitions in many locations throughout Italy: Parma, Bari, Bologna and many others, to disseminate and promote its artists. Diego, his son, entered the world of art in 2008, and today carries on his father’s work. Every year in the months of July and August, the gallery organizes exhibitions inside the Campanile del Duomo in Pietrasanta and outside, in the Piazzetta di San Martino, next to the campanile, with monumental works.

Viale della Repubblica, 35
59013 Prato
Via Stagio Stagi, 13
55045 Pietrasanta, Lucca
+39 388 1663323

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