The Bank of China Tower is one of Hong Kong' tallest skyscrapers. The building is located at 1 Garden Road, in the central and western district of Hong Kong Island. Designed by Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei, the building is a representation of the aspirations of the Chinese people, but also the symbol of good relations with the British colony. Its particular structure has allowed to use less steel compared to a typical building of this size. For the interiors, marble and stone cladding supplied by Henraux company of Pietrasanta were used.

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Titolo Bank of China Tower
Tipologia Architettura
Data 1998
Luogo Hong Kong (Asia)
Committente n/d
Architetto/Artista/Designer Ieoh Ming Pe� & Partners (studio di architettura)
Tipo materiale
General Contractor n/d
Tipologia d’intervento Rivestimenti d’interni
Prestatore d’opera Henraux Spa

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