The temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are buildings of worship for the celebration of the holy ordinances, for religious education and for the strengthening of relationships between the members of such Christian denomination founded by Joseph Smith in the state of New York in the 19th century. In particular, the Rome Italy Temple is comprised of a Meetinghouse, a chapel where members and visitors meet for Sunday church services and midweek social activities. The complex also includes a visit centre for visitors wanting to know more about the Church; a family history library providing the public with facilities and equipment for carrying out a free genealogical research; accommodation facilities for those working in the temple and for the pilgrims who must cover long distances to get to Rome; a large garden completely surrounding it and creating a quiet and contemplative setting. The prevailing colour of the whole architecture is white. Part of the cladding was made using Sardinian white marble and Roman Travertine, whose supply was entrusted to Savema Spa, Pietrasanta.  

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Titolo LDS Temple – Temple of church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints
Tipologia Architettura
Data 2013
Luogo Roma (Italia)
Committente n/d
Architetto/Artista/Designer VCBO Architecture (studio di architettura)
Tipo materiale Bianco Sardo, Travertino Romano
General Contractor ACMAR Ravenna
Tipologia d’intervento Rivestimenti per esterni ed interni
Prestatore d’opera Savema Spa

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